Terrarium Making with Plant Nite


I stumbled upon the class Plant Nite in December when I was looking for a birthday present for my mom. I had done a Paint Nite class before that I thought was a lot of fun, but I'm not a good enough painter that I actually wanted to hang up the finished product! I figured with Plant Nite I would have fun making the terrarium and actually get to display it at the end!

My mom and I finally made it to a Plant Nite class last week and had an absolute blast! Classes are hosted all over town, and we chose one at Hop City Tavern in the downtown Hilton. We had dinner there first and then headed over to the 1.5 hour class. Plant Nite offers a few different styles of terrariums- we did glass bowls. The hosts were very informative and taught us more about succulents and how to take care of our plants, which was super useful to know. It has only been one week but my succulents still look good!


The first thing you need to know when building a terrarium is to either use a bowl with drainage, or create drainage with a layer of stones and rocks at the bottom. Next comes the soil, which needs to be deep enough to house the plants but not so deep that anything sticks out of the top of the terrarium! We then dug little holes and planted our succulents. We were able to decorate with rocks, stones, colored moss and tiny toys, but the options are pretty endless!


The final tip is to not over water the succulents- they need very little water, so start with every other week and get more frequent if they seem thirsty. If all goes well my succulents will start growing and I will need to repot them so they have more room. At that point I can use the offshoots of them to keep my terrarium going!