3 New Cocktails for Spring


As I've talked about before, the local Anthropologie in the Pearl District of Portland has started hosting different classes, ranging from flower arranging to wine pairing. Last month I attended a Spring Tablescaping Workshop with some girlfriends, and last week David and I went to a Cocktail Making Class!

To be honest, the class was not exactly what we were expecting. I'm not sure if I read the class description wrong or the class changed gears at some point, but I was expecting to learn how to diffuse our own liquors and have a more hands-on experience. Since I knew the class was at Anthropologie, which doesn't exactly have a dedicated event space, I knew we wouldn't all have our own stations or anything, but I did expect the class to be more interactive than it was.

Overall though, I'm definitely glad that we went. The class came off of more of a live plug of Eastside Distilling, a local Portland distillery that makes small batch spirits. They had a bartender give a demonstration of how to make three different cocktails- a Hue-Hue-Tini, a Boulevardier, and a Marionberry Sour (recipes below). We got to sample each drink, and at the end could try the sprits that went into each cocktail.

The Marionberry Sour was definitely my favorite- it is a light, fruity refreshing spritzer drink featuring their Marionberry Whiskey. David went and got some of the whiskey today so we can make them at home! The Hue-Hue-Tini was also really good and would be the perfect cocktail to start the weekend and wake you up after a long week. 

I hope you get to enjoy some yummy cocktails this weekend!