Inspiration: Spring Home Decor

Now that spring is here, particularly the sunshine, I am such a happier, better person. I never even notice that I haven't been myself until after daylight savings time when I realize that I feel like the weight of winter has been taken off and I feel so much lighter and renewed. I think it is a combination of the longer days and warmer weather that makes me feel more motivated to do things and be outside and really take advantage of all life has to offer. Even as I'm typing this I feel so cheesy, but it's true!

Spring is the perfect time to bring freshness and light into your home as well! My biggest tips for re-decorating in the spring have to do with color, texture and weight. A lot of different color palettes work for spring- greens work very well, as do pastels. I also love a navy and white or beige combination, or an entirely neutral color palette. This is also a time when you can do lots of colors and mix them for a fun, bright feeling. Switch out fabrics from chunky knits to lighter linen and cotton. Put away your heavy wooden decor and bring out lighter, airier pieces. 

I also love the feeling of switching out my wall fragrance plugs and candles from rich winter scents to lighter spring scents. Spring has such a gorgeous smell on its own, so open up all the windows and let the fresh air in as well! And of course, tons of fresh flowers and plants throughout the house really drives home the beauty of spring. 

Here are some gorgeous homes that are helping me get my home ready for spring this year!