Street of Dreams 2018: Photo Tour


I look forward to seeing all of the gorgeous homes at the Street of Dreams each year, and this year it seemed to really sneak up on me! I have had a super busy summer, and I couldn't believe it when I realized that it was almost time for this luxury home show!

This year the Street of Dreams is in Hillsboro at the Reserve Vineyard & Golf Club. As a native Portland west-sider I was happy to have the show somewhere on the west side since it has been in an east side suburb, such as Happy Valley or West Linn, for the past few years. I liked that the homes were right on the golf course, which made for great views and a difference from past shows. However, one of the homes already had a broken window from a rogue golf ball! The close proximity to the golf course also meant smaller lots and no pools, which I found kind of disappointing. 

All in all I thought the homes were gorgeous though! My favorite was Home 5, Graceview. I loved how light and bright it was and I thought they did a great job mixing modern elements with comfortable features- it felt like a home I could actually live in. I also loved the modern glam feeling of Home 4, Private Reserve. It was open, luxurious, and dramatic. I would have liked a few lighter brighter elements, more white, and less black and orange, but overall I thought it was stunning.

I didn't make it into the Tiny House because the line was way too long and I honestly thought it was kind of a gimmick. I get that tiny houses are trendy and fun, but I think the Street of Dreams is about opulence and luxury and pushing the envelope, and I didn't feel like the tiny home would be able to deliver. Maybe I'm wrong, so let me know if you went and absolutely loved the tiny home!

Home 1: Fairway Manor

Home 2: Suteki Harmony

Home 3: Hearth & Home

Home 4: Private Reserve

Home 5: Graceview

Home 6: Serenity