Inspiration: Outdoor Furniture

In terms of being an Oregonian I am not as "outdoorsy" as a lot of people. I do enjoying hiking and exploring, but I don't really do any winter sports, I don't like camping, and I'm not into getting dirty or wet or being uncomfortable. However, I do think I am incredibly outdoorsy in terms of enjoying being outside- during the summer I love to work outside, eat outside, drink outside- I could be outside all day! I'm obsessed with being in the sun and I think being inside on a gorgeous day is such a waste. 

All of these outdoor spaces are ideal, and the furniture is giving me major inspiration. I can just imagine eating dinner at one of the beautiful tables with candlelight and twinkle lights, or curling up in the big hanging bed and enjoying a good book. All of these spaces would be perfect to entertain in, and I can't wait to use the furniture pictured as inspiration for my own outdoor oasis :)