Travel: Versailles, France


As someone with a deep love of homes, architecture and interior design, all I can say about Versailles is wow! The opulence, the size, the gardens… they truly do not make homes, or even buildings, like this anymore! It is so crazy to think that someone actually lived in this home, especially considering what was going on in France at the time.

Versailles was truly quite incredible to see in person, but some of my favorite features were the gardens, fountains and grounds. I found the Estate of Trianon to be much prettier than the actual Palace of Versailles- perhaps because it didn’t seem quite at outrageous!

If you are in the Paris area I highly recommend visiting Versailles for an entire day to get the full experience. Make sure to read up on the history of the palace, or download some guided audio tours, so that you fully know what you are looking at and what it took to build such a magnificent estate!