The Top 9 Decorating Trends of 2018

There's really nothing I love more than home decor and decorating, which is why I'm so excited to share all of the trends for 2018! Some of these have been seen before and are gaining popularity, some are refreshes of the past (hello 1970's!) and some are brand new, but all of them will be all of the stores and in homes this year!

House Plants

One of the biggest trends I'm predicting for 2018 will be plants everywhere. Of course, plants have always been popular, but this year I predict they will become a key design element in pretty much every room in the house. I'm seeing many realistic looking fake plants in stores lately, proving not only that this is a big trend, but also providing hope for those who weren't blessed with a green thumb!

Mixed Metallics

Metallics have been popular for awhile, but mixing different metals has been gaining popularity and will be seen all over homes this year. The tip to making mixed metallics look chic and pulled together is to choose a dominant metal and then supplement that with other finishes. Texture is also important, as is the color palatte of the rest of the room, so start with your base and build from there.



Spa-like Decor & Colors

Who doesn't love visiting a spa- the vibe is relaxing, they always smell amazing, the colors are soft and calm, and you leave feeling fresh, clean and refreshed. Why not bring that feeling into your own home? Decorate with teak, natural fabrics, lots of candles and soft, neutral colors to give your home that same spa-like feeling.

Tone on Tone Colors

I remember growing up and criticizing my mom and grandma for trying to wear matching clothes- I thought it made them look frumpy and contrasting colors were all the rage! Fast forward to now and I'm giving advice on coordinating home decor! Decorating in the same color palette is one of the easiest ways to curate a rich, expensive looking space. My main tip is to make sure to mix textures so that the colors don't fall flat. 



Statement Ceilings & Floors

2018 seems to be the year to make a statement with your decor. Bold colors and patterns are springing up all over the house, so why not on ceilings and floors? For floors think interesting tiles, an unusual layout of wood floors, or bold colors. Ceilings can be patterened with wallpaper, printed with a design, or simply painted in a bright, bold color. 

Floral Patterns

Pretty things are making a comeback in 2018, and what could be prettier than a gorgeous floral print? Floral can be used in bold ways with large patterns mixed with other colors and textures, or done more simply, such as on an accent pillow or decorative tray. I'm personally happy that minimalism is fading a bit, because I love girly, pretty florals!


Lately I'd been seeing a new pattern popping up, both on decor and as a material on floors or countertops, but I had no idea what it was. Terrazzo is a material that was popular in the 70's but it is making a MAJOR comeback this year. The material is a composite of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or even glass set into a matrix of concrete or epoxy resin. The chips can be varying sizes and can come in almost any colors which makes this an incredibly versatile decorating material. Look for the print everywhere as well- from wallpaper to cushions, ceramics to countertops, you won't be able to avoid terrazzo!



Moody Color Palettes

There is something so romantic and sensual about a combination of rich, deep colors. I love a dark wall, but take it one step further by layering different colors and textures to create a moody palette. Start small with a powder room or nook, or go bold with the ultimate master bedroom. Elvira would be proud. 

Warm neutrals

If the bold patterns, moody colors and lack of minimalism aren't your style- fear not! Warm neutrals are a big trend in 2018! Use a mixture of neutral colors in warm tones, make sure there are a variety of textures at play and voila! This trend is easy to pull off and creates a warm, cozy atmosphere that anyone would love.