Friday Fives: Decorate your Home for Spring

I couldn't be happier that it is finally spring- longer days, flowers blooming, actual glimpses of sunlight... Although the Portland weather hasn't fully caught on that it is spring and it should start warming up, I'm still in full blown spring mode!

One of my favorite things to do at the start of spring is freshen up my house. I like to pack away all of the winter gear and make my house lighter and brighter. From softer fabrics to way more plants, below are five easy ways to get your house ready for spring!

Bring the Plants Indoors

I love keeping plants in the house all year, but I definitely go a little nuts in the spring! My thumb isn't the greenest, so succulents, terrariums and air plants are a main part of my greenery selection. I do mix in a few other plants, and I'm a huge fan of fresh flowers. Another great thing about more plants are more cute pots to hold them in, another great way to transition into spring. 

Switch out your Bedding

Most people switch up their bedding as the weather gets warmer, either removing some blankets or switching to a lighter weight duvet or from flannel to cotton sheets. Switching the fabrics on your bedding is a necessity, so you might as well switch up the look as well! Think florals and bright colors paired with crisp white for the perfect way to bring your bedroom into spring. 

Add in Colorful Accents

Not only is the weather a little drab during winter, our color choices are a bit more muted, or darker, as well. I tend to gravitate towards dark blues and rich greens, while others embrace shades of red, or jewel tones. One of the best ways to brighten up your home is to add in colorful accents! This office shows an easy solution: keep a gallery wall up year round, and switch out the pictures displayed seasonally. It is a cheap, easy way to add some color into your home!

Update your Throw Pillows

I absolutely adore throw pillows, and switching out the ones on your couch can make all the difference! Stock up at places like Home Goods or Target so you have great seasonal selections that you can swap out when you need an update. Better yet, if you are crafty and can sew I suggest making your own! Buy the inexpensive pillow inserts at Ikea and make different cases for every mood!

Rearrange Furniture & Decor

The best part of this tip? It is completely free! Make use of what you already own and rearrange both your furniture and decor to make the space look completely different. Put the pillow you have in your guest room on the couch, move that painting into the kitchen... there are so many possibilities. Furniture is a bit tougher but by either repositioning or switching furniture into new rooms you can make a huge impact on the way the space looks.