Art Impromptu

Over the past few months I've been lucky enough to get to know the artist Jason Seale, who is an accomplished painter, metal designer, CAD artist, and owner/founder of Flat Function (among other things!)

Jason is currently hosting an art show in NE Portland called Art Impromptu. It is at the bar the Devil's Den, located on popular Alberta Street. Last weekend David and I made a date night out of it, meeting our friends Carrie and MaryAnn for happy hour at The Bye and Bye (an amazing vegan bar) and then heading over to the show. 

The space was great for an art show, and the staff at the Devil's Den were knowledgable about the wine and made great recommendations. It was so nice to see all of the support that Jason had there, and to get to meet some of his friends and family. The best part, though, was of course the art! His new series was fantastic and it was so great to get to celebrate Jason and his work.