Touring Tiny Digs

Tiny homes are taking over the country. It is hard to turn on the t.v. (especially my favorite HGTV) without some sort of show about building, renovating or buying a tiny home. Portland already had one tiny house hotel, but this past weekend Tiny Digs opened on NE Glisan & 28th and already has an amazing presence. The location couldn't be better, with tons of great restaurants and bars in the area and easy access to anywhere in Portland. 

Right now the hotel has 6 different tiny homes, each with a different theme. Each tiny house is fully furnished and comes with light cooking options, shower, flushing toilet, complimentary tea & coffee, and an attached deck. Some are even pet friendly! Their goal is to expand to 13 different rooms, and I can't wait to see what the new themes will be! All of the decor is on point, and they seem like the perfect home base while staying in Portland. 

The rooms are scattered around a communal area complete with fire pits, many seating areas and great hang out spots. They are planning on doing different events in the shared space, and they hosted their opening party on Saturday night, complete with food trucks, fire dancers and great energy.

Check out the homes below and let your friends and family who are coming into town know all about it! It would even be the perfect location for a Portland stay-cation :)

Gypsy Wagon