Friday Five: Weekend Getaways

Having the ability to do a wide variety of weekend getaways is one of the reasons that I love living in Portland. Don't get me wrong, staying in the city is an amazing way to spend the weekend, but sometimes it is fun to get out of your own environment and have some new adventures. Below are my five favorite weekend getaways, all within a 3 hour drive! Let me know if you have some favorites of your own :)

The Oregon Coast

Since David's family owns a beach house in Manzanita, we are lucky enough to get to go to the Oregon Coast quite often. If you haven't been, don't picture the tropical beaches of Hawaii, or even the unique beauty of the California coastline. Instead, the Oregon coast has a rugged, natural beauty that is unlike anywhere else- you will have to see it to appreciate it! The coast has tons of activities as well: the aquarium in Newport, the boardwalk in Seaside, great shopping in Cannon Beach... each town has its own identity. Even though there is a lot to do, there is nothing better than watching the waves on the ocean and enjoying the view. 

Bend, Oregon

Whether you stay in Bend, Sunriver, or one of the many other resort towns around, this desert area in Oregon is a great location for a weekend getaway. If you go in the winter you are promised amazing snow activities at Mt. Bachelor, or just lots of fun staying by the fire at your lodge. In the summer there are tons of things to do, from biking to swimming to walking around checking out the breweries in Bend. No matter when you go there is plenty to do, and a bonus is that it doesn't rain nearly as much as in Portland, so it is a great spot to dry off during one of our famous rainy spells!

Hood River, Oregon

I'm actually heading to Hood River this weekend, which inspired this post! At only an hour outside of Portland, Hood River is the perfect weekend destination. If you are looking for adventure, there are tons of activities to do on the water, like windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. During the summer and fall one of my favorite things to do is drive the Fruit Loop, a tour of fruit and vegetable farms, vineyards and farm stands spread out around Hood River. If you are looking to stay in town there are great tasting rooms, vineyards and vintage shops, and the town is full of super cute B&B's. 

Eugene, Oregon

I actually spent four years living in Eugene, attending school at the University of Oregon. The campus is absolutely beautiful, full of trees, gorgeous buildings and bustling activity. Downtown Eugene actually has great restaurants and breweries, and there are a lot of vineyards just outside of town. Hike Spencer's Butte, at sunset or sunrise if you can, for beautiful views. There are also tons of walking and running trails around the city that are the perfect way to explore. Head down on a game day weekend to really enjoy the spirit and energy of the town!

Seattle, Washington

It's easy to forget that Seattle is so close to Portland, only about a three hour drive away! I love the easiness of Seattle- you can walk almost anywhere, or take public transportation. The food scene in Seattle is amazing, I don't think I've ever had a bad meal! There is also so so much to see and do, you could never do it all in one weekend!