Friday Five: June Beer Festivals

If there are two things that Portlanders love, they are sunshine and beer. We have the most breweries per capita in the country, and we pack the warm months full of fun festivals and events. We combine our two greatest loves with countless beer festivals during the summer- you could probably find one every weekend if you try hard enough! Below are the five June Beer Festivals that I'm most looking forward to- this list is not exhaustive though. Hope to see you there!

Pints in the Pearl

The Pearl District in Portland is well known for it's many breweries, including 10 Barrel Brewing, Rogue and Deschutes, to name a few. The Pearl District Neighborhood Association is hosting Pints in the Pearl on June 4th as a way to locals and visitors to sample beers from all of the amazing breweries in the Pearl. Each brewery will also be selling small plates of food that pair perfectly with their beers!

PDX Beer Week

Although PDX Beer Week isn't a festival in the traditional sense (there is no central location, it is put on by different groups), it is still a great excuse to celebrate Portland Beer! Running from June 9th to June 19th, locations all over the city are hosting block parties, special releases, and personalized events. For those new to the Portland Beer scene it is the perfect opportunity to sample some of what the city has to offer, and people who think they have tried it all can sip on the new releases. Everyone wins!

Portland Fruit Beer Festival

I'll be honest- I go back and forth with beer. Sometimes I really do love it, but at times all of the IPA's that we have in Portland become a little too much for me. Fruit beer, though, will always be my favorite. I love something light and fruity and love all of the different combinations available. Portland Fruit Beer Festival runs from June 10th to 12th in the North Park Blocks in Portland (enter on NW 8th and Davis). This festival is also open to all ages, so bring your family to enjoy the music and food as well!

Vegan Beer & Food Festival

I am going absolutely crazy waiting for the Vegan Beer & Food Festival- I'm so so excited!!! Since most of my friends are not vegetarians, it isn't too often that I get to go to a restaurant or event and order absolutely everything. I'm going to be in food heaven! Nothing goes better with food than beer, so it is going to be a double whammy of delicious food paired with tasty cold beer. Mark your calendars for June 11th. The event will be at Zidell Yards in the South Waterfront, so get ready for some beautiful views as well. 

Cider Summit PDX

I know cider isn't technically beer, but gluten free folks and those who don't love beer want to be included on the beer festival fun! Cider Summit PDX features so many delicious ciders from across the country and the WORLD that it would be impossible to try them all! Check out the event June 17th and 18th in the Fields Neighborhood Park on NW 10th and Overton. Be careful who you invite- this one is 21+.