Nestiny: A Homebuyers Guide

I recently discovered an amazing site for home buyers called Nestiny. I spoke with the founder, Jody Clower, a Realtor from Virginia who felt that the industry was lacking a comprehensive tool to educate buyers on all of the ins and outs of buying a home. There are so many online home search tools, such as Zillow and Redfin, that buyers can use to browse homes, but that is only one step of the real estate process.

Bridging her background in technology systems and real estate, Jody has spent the last few years developing Nestiny, an online site that helps buyers learn about and plan for their home buying journey and educate themselves on common topics and questions that might come up during the buying process. As a Realtor who works with many first time buyers, I think that having a base tool to introduce buyers into the real estate world, even before they are ready to buy, is so valuable. I know I will be sending all of my buyers to Nestiny!

Check out the site, complete your Ready Report and have fun! It is the perfect complement to all of your online home shopping :)

Another fun little tool is the Home Pinwheel game, which has you rate homes to find out your ideal home style. My top three are Mediterranean, Transitional and Colonial- no surprises there!