Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

We had a beautiful, sunny weekend in Portland, and the good weather seems to be continuing! As a Realtor I often work on weekends, but still like to take advantage of the sunshine and clear days by getting outside and doing at least a few fun activities. 

Woodburn, Oregon, which is about 30 miles South of Portland, has an annual Tulip Festival every Spring. I haven't been since I was little, but David and I wanted to take advantage of the amazing weather and check out the flowers!

The fields of flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and seeing all of the different colors of tulips was truly breathtaking. There were also great views of Mount Hood, which provided the perfect backdrop for the flowers. Besides viewing the tulips they had bulbs and flowers you could take home to plant, and great bouquets of tulips. They also had wine tasting, food and drinks and lots of activities for kids. The crowds when we went were insane, which I suppose is only to be expected given that is was a weekend and a gorgeous day. However, I think going on a weekday morning, before it gets too hot, would be perfect.

The festival goes until May 1, so make sure to get down to Woodburn before then!