DIY: Spring Wreath

I've made wreaths for every season except for Spring, so I knew that this year it was time to finally hang a bright, fun spring wreath. My friend and I made these wreaths that were incredibly easy and inexpensive but look absolutely amazing. We luckily found the flowers deeply discounted, so check online or at your local craft stores for good deals or coupons!


  • 18 inch grapevine wreath
  • 7 bunches of tulips in whatever color palate suits you
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire for hanging

Step 1: Using your wire cutters, cut all of the tulips off of their stems, leaving about 3 inches of stem remaining.

Step 2: Insert the flowers tightly into the wreath by simply putting the stems firmly in between the layers of wood in the wreath. I used 3 different colors of flowers and found that it worked well to put together bunches of 1 of each color and add those all in together so that the different colors remained evenly spaced.

Step 3: Attach a small circle of wire onto the back of the wreath for easy hanging. You could also make a simple ribbon hanger, but since the wreath is already so full and colorful I wanted to keep things simple.


How easy is that? Plus, you can personalize your wreath by using different color flowers. I also thing a solid color wreath would be beautiful, or creating an ombre effect with the flowers. Have fun!