Friday Five

Five things getting me through this rainy week in Portland.


I've written about Manzanita before, because it truly is one of my happy places. David's family has a beach house there, and it is the perfect place to get out of the city and enjoy some rest and relaxation. We went the weekend before Valentine's Day and had an amazing time walking on the beach, eating out at our favorite restaurants, and enjoying the sounds of the waves. I'm already counting down the days until our next trip in April!

Daily in the Pearl

This week I went to Daily in the Pearl, a fantastic coffee shop in the Pearl District of Portland. Ever since I have started my career in real estate I've started to explore new areas of town and have discovered new places to go. Daily is a great place to go to do work- it is large, open and very spread out, with large tables to spread out on. They have lots of delicious coffees and teas (I had their chai), as well as wine and tasty food. I can't wait to go back and spend an afternoon working in the bright, open atmosphere.

Coloring for Adults

Coloring books are all the rage right now as the perfect way to relax at the end of a long day. They are fun stress relievers, and they have been updated from the cartoon characters of the past to have fun patterns, designs and pictures that you might actually be proud to display. For Valentine's Day David got me Secret Garden, and it is absolutely gorgeous. All of the scenes are beautiful, and I have already enjoyed making some progress on a few pictures. He got himself a book too, so now we spend our evening cozied up with our coloring books and Marshall.

Via Chicago Pizza

Last weekend David and I tried, unsuccessfully, to go to Bollywood Theater on Alberta. It is one of my favorite restaurants, and David has never been! We got there Saturday at about 7, and unfortunately the line was wrapped around the corner. We decided to explore the area and find a new place to go, and we were incredibly lucky to stumble upon Via Chicago Pizza. The pizza was the most authentic Chicago style I have had yet in Portland- it was incredible! The atmosphere was warm and cozy, and the staff were very friendly. I give Via Chicago 5 stars and encourage everyone to go check it out!

Curious Comedy Theater

I got a gift certificate to Curious Comedy for my birthday this year and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. I was so excited to see they had a Valentine's Day Special of My Shitty Valentine playing on the 13th. Curious Comedy is all improv, and for the show they had the audience write down shitty love stories/events, which they later acted out. The show was great! The comedians were on point, and all of the stories people submitted were outrageous. I would be interested in checking out their open mic night sometime soon to see how that goes with improv comedians.