Top Home Design Trends for 2017

What will homebuyers and builders be looking for as we move into 2017? Below are some trends that we will be seeing in new builds in 2017, and that homebuyers will be interested in seeing in both new and existing homes in the coming years. Most of these trends have been gaining ground in the past few years but will be big selling points in 2017. Keep in mind these are building/architectural trends; I'll be doing a post on interior design trends soon!

Open Layouts

Who doesn't love a great room these days? Parents want to be able to see their kids while cooking dinner, entertainers want to be able to mingle with their guests, and everyone wants to be able to spend time with their family from anywhere in the house. Keep your eye out for less division between stories, tall ceilings and even bigger great rooms. 

Master on the Main 

One of the greatest benefits of having the master on the main level of the home is that it allows families to age in place. As homeowners get older they don't have to worry about going up the stairs to their bedroom! It can also be more convenient for homeowners, and offers privacy from the other bedrooms. 

Multigenerational Living

The nuclear family living model has been on the decline for awhile, with many homes now needing to accommodate aging parents, adult children or other extra people in the home. Separate living quarters with full kitchens are popular, as are garage or basement conversions with their own entrance. This is also another benefit of having the master on the main level of the house!

The Decline of "Formal" Living Spaces

As great rooms become the norm, more formal living spaces are on the way out. In the past every home needed a formal living or sitting room and a formal dining room, but I think we can all agree that these rooms are almost never used. The future includes functional uses of space, so say goodbye to formality!

White Kitchens

Not only are all white kitchens in, but you should expect to see all white everything coming up in 2017. Sleek, modern and classy, all white kitchens are a huge trend at the moment. 

Built in Bars

For those who loves entertaining, a built in bar is a home goal. Second living rooms are already popular, and in 2017 expect most to have a built in bar. 

Interesting Wall Treatments 

I've covered my love of wallpaper before, and as I tour homes I have begun seeing it more and more often. Not only is wallpaper being utilized more, but shiplap, reclaimed hardwood and faux bricks are going to be huge trends in 2017. 

Mixing Finishes

Just like the trend in fashion is now allowing gold, silver and rose gold to be worn together, mixing metals in homes will be a big trend in 2017! Differing hardware, cabinet colors and countertops are appearing in kitchens and bathrooms, and people are catching on that being overly matching is not always a good thing.

"Smart" Everything

As technology advances each year, homebuilders have to keep up and make houses smarter and smarter. Homeowners want to be able to control everything in their house remotely using just their phones, and that is becoming more and more possible!